We are psychologists, coaches, teachers, and artists. We leverage our own diversity of perspectives to better understand how diverse groups of people work together with creativity, passion, and shared purpose. As a family-owned and operated business, we are committed to integrity in relationships and service to the global human family.

Here’s an introduction to the partners of Delphi Initiatives and to some of the organizations with which we affiliate.

Melvin D. Dowdy, Presiding Partner

Drawing on his depth and breadth of experience as a clinical psychologist, consultant, educator, and biomedical ethicist, Melvin Dowdy has been an advocate for personal and organizational development for nearly 40 years. Read more about Mel…

Bonnie B. Dowdy

Throughout her 40-plus years as a consultant, educator, researcher, program designer, and group facilitator, Bonnie Dowdy has advocated for honest conversation about difficult social and cultural issues and for increased awareness of the essential role of diversity in organizations and communities. Read more about Bonnie… 

We see ourselves as part of a larger community of professionals and organizations that share similar goals, interests, and values.  Organizations which form our communities of practice include:

  • Executive Education, Mendoza College of Business, University of Notre Dame
  • Polarity Management Associates
  • The Leadership Circle & The Full Circle Group
  • Minds at Work
  • Hope in the Cities & Initiatives of Change
  • The Gestalt Institute of Cleveland
  • The Virginia Institute of Pastoral Care
  • Center for Creative Leadership
  • The Association for Behavioral Contextual Science

Contact Delphi Initiatives at info@delphiinitiatives.com.