The partners at Delphi Initiatives have worked with organizations of various sizes and industries. Here are some of our clients and colleagues, the projects we’ve led with them, and their thoughts on working with us.

Clients and Colleagues

Bon Secours Health System

  • Ministry Leadership Formation program
  • Executive coaching
  • Team-building

Boaz & Ruth

  • Board training in Polarity Management

Initiatives of Change/Hope in the Cities

  • Strategic planning retreat
  • Connecting Communities Fellowship
  • Civil Rights Youth Pilgrimage

Virginia Institute of Pastoral Care

  • Leadership Development Initiative
  • Education and Training Program

VCU Medical College of Virginia, Patient Counseling Department

  • Polarity Management workout retreat

Mississippi Coast Interfaith Disaster Task Force

  • Staff and Leadership Summit

Bon Secours St Francis Medical Center

  • Emergency Department cultural change

U. of Notre Dame, Mendozza College of Business

  • Executive Integral Leadership
  • Unleashing Your Leadership Potential
  • Ownes and Minor Academy for Strategic Leadership

Catholic Relief Services

  • Executive and Senior Leadership training in Polarity Management
  • Country Representative training in Burundi, Africa

Charity Health System

  • Executive Management team-building & coaching

Catholic Health Association

  • Executive Team & CEO team-building and coaching


Mel is a great Leadership coach/consultant, fine educator, and compassionate psychologist. The combination of heart and skill in these areas make Mel an extraordinary talent and human being.

Bob Anderson

CEO and Founder , The Leadership Circle

In my work with Bonnie Dowdy over the years, she has brought to the table a dynamic spirit of transformative skills which move individuals to higher levels of leadership performance that even they could not have envisioned. In her own non-intrusive style and her deep commitment to diverse communities, Bonnie is able to unravel the most complex challenges. You should not miss her magical work.

Jane Talley, MSW

Social Worker

Brian and Mel did a fantastic job of keeping the team focused to meet our goals. They were very key in designing our framework, which we still use, and facilitating the process to drive us to success. Their ability to handle the group dynamics and adapt enabled us to attain our desired outcomes.

Mark Gordon

CEO, Bon Secours St. Francis Medical Center

Bonnie Dowdy has a wide range of skills from facilitation and survey design to program design and implementation. Bonnie not only provides valuable skills, she also brings with a collaborative spirit and and an air of expertise and wisdom that inspires confidence and calm even in the most trying situations. Her work is thorough and meticulous, and she is generous with her praise as well as constructive feedback. Her interpersonal skills are a true gift, and her intellect and experience will likely compel you to seek her services repeatedly, as we have at our company. Bonnie is reliable, brilliant, and extraordinarily kind.  We look forward to working with her often, and recommend her highly to other organizations seeking her services.

Matthew Freeman

President, TMI

A true servant leader, Mel is a brilliant educator, mentor, and facilitator. He has an outstanding grasp of organizational development, change management, and executive development. He is insightful and challenging with his recommendations and suggestions, always with a focus on short and long term results. I recommend Mel to any organization that is serious about real and systemic cultural change.

Charles Malloy

Vice President of Operations, Bon Secours Health System

I have had the pleasure of working with Bonnie since 2003.  She is gifted in her ability to invite all voices into a conversation.  More importantly, she creates a safe space where even the most timid usually are drawn into the circle of conversing community.  Willing to speak the “unsaids” that most folks bury, Bonnie steps boldly in to courageous dialogue and calls others to join her. I have watched her skillfully work with individuals of diverse ages, classes and races,  bringing this diversity into common community.  Bonnie excels in planning and executing workshops, retreats and long term curriculum.  I particularly like the way she uses concrete stories and metaphors to carry a person through learning and self discovery.  At the end of the journey the concrete structure holds many pieces together, providing a way for the growth to be recalled and utilized long after the class has ended.

Martha Rollins

CEO & Founder, Boaz and Ruth, Inc, a community-building and prisoner re-entry program in Richmond, VA

Our St. Francis Emergency Department team had the pleasure of working with Mel Dowdy and Brian Dowdy on Team Building.  The two consultants used three varying and creative approaches in helping our department let go of the past and embrace change for our future.  Brian was able to incorporate team dynamics within our department using creative comparison from his musical background.  Brian has great listening and organizing skills that helped in keeping our goals in the forefront and ensuring sustainability.

Karen C. Bridgforth

Emergency Department Manager, Bon Secours Watkins Centre

Mel led 41 executive level individuals from all over the globe through a demanding curriculum [at Notre Dame]. I quickly developed a high level of respect for him as both a person and a professional. Since that time he has also helped me with other work related issues. He is quite adept at recognizing problems and opportunities in an organization; and crafting/implementing action to capitalize or correct the situation. I am honored to have worked with him and am looking forward to continuing to do so in the future.

Greg Sala

Participant, Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business, Executive Integral Leadership

Dr. Bonnie Dowdy is a gifted leader, facilitator and teacher. It has been a privilege to learn from and work with her. We have had the opportunity to work together in several workshops and training sessions focusing on racial reconciliation, poverty in our community and prison ministry. Last summer we accompanied 18 high school students on a weeklong Civil Rights Pilgrimage through several southern states. Our job was to help them unpack their experiences as we visited historic Civil Rights sites. Dr. Dowdy showed her abilities to plan, organize, be flexible, to communicate, and above all her ability to pay attention to details.Through all these endeavors Dr. Dowdy has demonstrated a love and care for the “least of these” in our community that has been the focus of her life’s work.

Charles Williams

Catholic Diocese of Richmond

For the past few years, Dr. Bonnie Dowdy and I have worked together in a variety of settings. The most recent experience was in May 2012 when she presented a detailed and highly analytical evaluation of a major project sponsored by Hope in the Cities and the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities. Funded by the Kellogg Foundation, Dr. Dowdy assessed the impact of a project that evolved into a DVD known as “Unpacking the Census.”  …[Dr. Dowdy’s] report about the impact of the project on people’s awareness and support for community-based action was one of the most sophisticated evaluations I have ever read over the course of 40 plus years as a university professor.

In addition, I have had the privilege of working with Dr. Dowdy as well as observing her work. My career has brought me into contact with more group facilitators than I can count, but Dr. Dowdy ranks as one of the most talented, perhaps the single most talented, I have known. What is particularly significant about her work is that the kinds of conversations she leads deal with some of the most sensitive and difficult subjects of society. Unless handled with great skill and compassion, conversations about race, class, inequity, prejudice, and power can easily lead to acrimony and division. I’ve witnessed such explosions, but never have I witnessed such outcomes in conversations led by Dr. Dowdy. She brings years of experience together with humility, keen intellect, and a great heart in leading discussions that encourage people to speak honestly about themselves and their experiences, but conclude with greater understanding and mutual respect. …To guide discussions of this nature to that kind of conclusion requires great skill, hard work, and compassion. That is what Dr. Dowdy does.

John V. Moeser

Emeritus Professor of Urban Studies and Planning - Virginia Commonwealth University, Senior Fellow - Bonner Center for Civic Engagement - University of Richmond

Listening with deep sincerity and responding with genuine care is the starting point for Bonnie in all her work.  You can visually see and viscerally feel a group come to life and flourish as their voices are honored, their thinking respected, and their questioning and discerning encouraged.  Every person stands taller as they leave a group led by this remarkable woman.

Fr. Joseph Driscoll

Director, Ministry Leadership Formation Program

Dr. Bonnie Dowdy is an extraordinarily insightful and intuitive facilitator and group leader.  Her skills are technically excellent, however, I believe her best gift is her overarching focus on the values that guide her interventions. We have worked together over several years in a variety of settings from inner city groups to professional organizations to international conferences overseas.  Dr. Dowdy consistently models respectful, compassionate ways to interact with sensitivity, seeking both the gifts each person brings and the needs within.

Cricket White

National Director of Education, Initiatives of Change

Dr. Bonnie Dowdy’s work with the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities over the last year was truly transformative for our organization. Her thoughtful approach [to evaluation and logic models] catalyzed VCIC staff members to be able to critically assess our programs and clarify our overall theory of change….She brought a keenly inquisitive approach to the project in order to identify VCIC’s unique needs and identify the most relevant and effective interventions. Our work with Bonnie built VCIC’s capacity to evaluate our programs in sustainable ways that are now embedded into our office practices and culture. My colleagues and I are incredibly grateful for the chance to have worked with her, and I offer my highest praise for the quality of her work.

Jonathan C. Zur

President & CEO, Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities

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