Our Mission

We are committed to building healthy, vibrant communities by connecting the wisdom and passion of our clients with sustainable practices in shared leadership. Through group facilitations, coaching relationships, leadership training, and qualitative assessments, we help bridge the gap between diverse groups of people, balance competing needs and values, and enlarge the capacity of organizations to embrace their preferred future.


Privileging Community

We believe that collective wisdom and shared leadership are essential for solving the increasingly complex problems of today’s postmodern world. By sharing knowledge, perspectives, experience, and power, human beings achieve two vital and interdependent goals: innovative solutions and relationships of greater integrity. When organizations place equal value on performance and community – seeing both as important “outcomes” of their business – they are more likely to have healthier teams, be more successful in their field, and make lasting contributions to the human family.

“Privileging community” means that we ask our clients these fundamental questions: “What is the experience of community you are currently creating in your organization? While you reach for inspired, high-level performance in your field, what kind of community do you want to become? How can you invite each member of your organization, regardless of position, to share agency and responsibility for creating that desired future?”

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