We offer a variety of facilitative, coaching, assessment, and educational services. Each of these is a potential component of designs created collaboratively with a client. The client’s wisdom is essential in designing initiatives that catalyze lasting, deep-system change while supporting unique organizational needs and objectives.

Here are some potential components of our collaborative designs:

Team-building retreats
Group & culture interventions
Inter-group conflict resolution
Sarete life-skills and conflict resolution program
Facilitated dialogues
Facilitated learning
Facilitated strategic planning
Leadership 360-feedback, coaching, and talent management
Program development & assessment
Polarity Management assessment and strategies
Motivational interviewing
Diversity education, training, and skills development
Workshops, seminars, and presentations


A successful and inspiring orchestral performance depends on each musician’s ability to hear how their individual part relates to the creation of a beautiful, unified symphonic sound. Just so, effective change initiatives are processes that connect personal outlook and individual action to the creation of healthy organizational culture and high-level performance.

Designing these processes begins with an understanding of the client’s particular needs and goals, moves forward with the identification of particular exercises and activities that catalyze the desired change, and concludes with strategies that empower the clients and their teams to take ownership for lasting change through sustainable, everyday practices.

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